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Ongoing research over many years guarantee a prefectly molded saddletree to be used effectively in modern day sports.

  • Extended clearance in the shoulder area, to enable a better motion of the frontlegs

  • Perfect distribution of pressure when horses lift their backs

  • CR-Sliding-Ontree-Rigging for an improved decrease in load

For Riders

  • Balanced bodyposition through an optimally shaped seat

  • High - cut skirt to support the fine cues of the rider

  • Shape and position of fenders right below the center of gravity allow correct legposition

  • Twisted fenders let you ride comfortably from the very first day on.

  • Pre-punched „in between holes“ make it easier for you to adjust the correct length


  • We carefully take our time for every individual saddle - no matter if it is a working- or showsaddle

  • Highest quality leather from Austria, Germany and the USA

  • Genuine Austrian sheepskin lining

  • Exclusively handmade and handengraved silvertrim

  • Stirrupleather made of "ORS" ("Original Riemen und Strupfenleder" - which is well known for it's sturdiness and durability)


  • Personal service at several bases in Austria and the neighbouring countries

  • Individual consultation for finding the perfect saddletree

  • If needed - production of a custom-tailored saddletree


A perfect show-saddle has to emphasise an elegant, proper and superior appearance in the showring. It is legitimate to go for the more fancy designs to set yourself apart from all other participants. Check out our galleries for more modern showsaddles.


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