Modern day horse sport needs more and more specialization in individual disciplines while the freetime- / recreational rider still focuses on versatility.

Can you confirm one or more of the following statements?

  • I am a freetime- / recreational rider and use the arena as well as outside tracks and also go pasture riding
  • I have no ambitions for horseshows but a perfect fit of a saddle is important for me
  • I am mostly out in the nature with my horse and want to go trailriding
  • I love to attend horseshows but also enjoy trailrides in the nature
  • My horse has a rather "un-common" or even "problem-back" and I can't find a perfectly fitting saddle
  • I need a lightweight saddle

Then the CR-Classic is the right choice for you!

An individual consultation results in putting together the most suitable configuration for you, your horse and your style of riding.


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